Oregon Teams Up With Verizon To Tax Vehicles 1.5 Cents Per Mile

(SALEM)  The nation’s first per-mile charging system will launch in Oregon July 1, 2015 . The implementation team for Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program, enacted by the Oregon Legislature last July, has qualified three companies to help build and support Oregon’s mileage charge collection system: Sanef, Verizon and Azuga. The companies will now pass through ODOT’s certification process in order to provide services to the program’s volunteer motorists beginning July 1, 2015.“Our vision is to create a reliable, easy-to-use, low cost, enforceable, and publicly acceptable ‘open’ system,” said Jim Whitty, Manager of ODOT’s Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding. “A charge based on measured road use preserves fairness and accountability in supporting the state’s system of roads and highways.”How Will the System Work?

First, volunteers will choose options for participating in the program, including who will manage their mileage reporting and payment/credit. ODOT has contracted with Azuga, Sanef and Verizon to manage accounts, calculate charges plus any credits due, and submit charges to the Oregon Treasury. ODOT will audit account managers and verify that all charges owed are paid.

The road usage charge system will automatically collect mileage data from vehicles. A mileage reporting device selected by the motorist will interface with the vehicle and be paired with software to send mileage totals to the chosen account manager. The on-board mileage reporting device may be either “basic” (does not use location-determination technology) or “advanced” (uses location-determination technology).

“We learned in previous pilots the importance of using ‘open’ technology that will grow with the market and work seamlessly across account managers. An open architecture provides options for motorists in an efficient, cost-effective, market-driven system,” said Whitty. To create this open architecture, ODOT established guidelines and requirements and is conducting a certification process for the vendors who proposed to serve as account managers.

What is the Road Usage Charge Program?

Oregon’s Senate Bill 810 (2013) was the first legislation in the U.S. to establish a road usage charge system for state transportation funding. It authorized ODOT to set up a mileage collection system for volunteer motorists beginning July 1, 2015. ODOT may assess a charge of 1.5 cents per mile for up to 5,000 cars and light-duty commercial vehicles and issue a fuels tax credit to those participants. The volunteer program is the start of an alternate method of paying for Oregon’s roads.

As directed by the legislation, the Road Usage Charge Program must give motorists choices for the technologies they use to report miles driven as well as how they manage and pay their road use charges. They will have the opportunity to obtain services through private entities with market-driven options that are efficient and cost-effective.

Why is Oregon implementing the Road Usage Charge Program?

Funding for transportation system maintenance, improvements and construction has been declining in Oregon and around the country since the 1990s. This is due in part to more fuel efficient vehicles purchasing less fuel, thus paying less in fuel taxes—which go toward maintaining and building roads and highways. That’s good news for the environment and for reducing dependence on fossil fuels, but it reduces funds available to maintain Oregon roads. More information about declining revenues and transportation funding is available on the ODOT website: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Pages/Transportation_Funding.aspx.

The per-mile charge is not a new concept in Oregon; the legislature first authorized investigation into options to the traditional fuels tax in 2001. Fourteen years and two pilot programs later, with extensive research and study, Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program is becoming operational.


  • patriot156

    you can shove this crap up your ass! No thanks I will just keep my old car and I dont have a phone cell phone that is so Fuck off!



    • rita

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      TEXANS are not even AWARE THE MESS THEIR OWN CORRUPT COURTS, bs artists called attys ARE.
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      • I-RIGHT-I

        Good luck Sir and I’m very sorry for your trouble. There has been talk of nuking Austin but I think it’s mostly bluster.

  • neversmokedit

    no matter miles taxed or gallons taxed if people are not using the roads in any given moment you will not be able to determine how to budget the roads. I suggest when titles are swapped or just collect a flat 500.00 tax or more per Oregon Vehicle and when out of town vehicles put gas in their tanks have them pay a gas tax… You can budget road work cost easier this way and never go over the budget ..

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  • Michael Sievers

    This is in preparation for driverless vehicles. The computer won’t speed or break any traffic laws, so that lost revenue must be made up somewhere else, thus the per mile tax.

  • Jay Sprueill

    Signs, Rules, Laws, Regulations, America home of the brave, land of the free. KEEP OFF THE GRASS.

  • Anaxamander P. Gormlay

    Until the State of Oregon publishes an independently verified accounting of the gasoline tax, we must assume their guilt until proven innocent in this day of government corruption. ThE very lack of such a report to the taxpaying public provides grounds for suspicion,

    • serena

      & like i just posted, WHY didn’t THEY simply tack on another bs tax on VERIZON users and a half a cent on the GAS taxes ?
      EXACTLY WHERE is this money going ?

      • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

        in the bankers mafia and white house +

        • William Burke

          The Criminal Bankster Cartel. They are upset there still are some things they do not earn, some money they do not have.

          • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

            1= my soul they ll never have and that pisses them off and me the laugh of my life 2 paper money is monopoly or toilet paper my can of beans as more value

    • Smilardog

      You might find it in the Oregon CAFR Report

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Yeah, just great, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar they will try and sell that information to the insurance industry, because they set your rates by the total mileage you drive each year. I have been informed that I have to fill out a form each year for AllState which states how many miles I drove that preceding year, so they can ostensibly set an appropriate rate.

    If we give the bstrds a foot in the door, they will take us to the cleaners, and is reason enough to force this new mileage issue to be strictly used ONLY for taxing purposes. PERIOD !!!

  • serena

    ooooo people ?
    it’s OVERDUE.
    what’s overdue ?
    IT IS overdue.

    if these @holes had half a FUNCTIONING brain cell, it’d die from loneliness and non-use.
    they couldn’t figure out to SIMPLY add on this “tax” to verizon bills and the GAS PUMP ?
    think anyone would INVESTIGATE ? LOL

  • glendaleburbank

    Anything a government does in respect to laws that go outside the basics of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is called “control”. And that’s what it’s all about folks…CONTROL. It’s conditioning the sheeple to accept CONTROL. Yup.

  • Arizona


    • Smilardog

      Hey… I live in AZ, and in CO in the summer (@ 9,000ft). What liberals you talking about? Well, I was shocked when that 30 round magazine ban went through in CO, but they are paying for it now. and in AZ we still got it pretty good, best gun laws in the 50 states. Now, California where I grew up is totally a mess. I live on the AZ, Mexico and California border and I won’t even go into cali any more for nothing

  • Bob Smith

    Government was instituted to protect the citizens against enemies foreign and domestic. It was NOT instituted to figure out new ways to drain every last bit of money from its citizens.

    • Dan McDonald

      “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for.” -James Madison, Federalist 58

    • Danielle Biondo

      Amen to that!!!

  • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    Unbeleivable and it all goes those corrupted bankers,governers ect……… they really are pushing for an internal war !!

  • Dan Aiken

    It looks like the state of Oregon needs to have another tax revolt, plus remove a few of the people who are making up these laws without consulting the public on such matters.

  • bill

    and you a-holes in Oregon are letting your governor and legislature get away with this scam, march on the state building and demand the governor and the legislators who voted for this all be fired and the program shut down, its 1.5 mile now and in 5 years it will be 20 cents per mile, what the Phuck are wrong with you people in Oregon has the pot gone to your heads. and how is the poor going to pay for this, oh they all will have exemptions and the middle class pay for them. you people are mental degenerates in that democratic Nazi party which runs that state. there is no end to your insanity.

  • tobeso

    I live in Oregon and we can that all the Liberal Democrats for this, Libtards everywhere in this state. This is going to be a mess, is it all roads including Interstate 5 that will be taxed? If so what about out of state people traveling through Oregon and using the roads. I can’t wait to figure out how to “jimmy” whatever device they stick on my truck.

  • pokerchip

    Relax, its Oregon, for Chr!st’s sake.

  • Dennis Richmond

    Well as we all know once it is in one state it will soon be in all states !!! Like it or not.

  • Dan McDonald

    Well that’s settled then. I’m moving back to Washington, where the Republicans hold a majority in the state legislature now and have threatened to block any such nonsense with a constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 majority vote of both chambers to implement any new taxes.

    • Tom

      Yes but……… look at the firearms legislation Washington just passed. Every state has its share of idiots.

      • Dan McDonald

        Gotta pick one’s battles. State legislation doesn’t override the Second Amendment or the 1902 Dick Act.

        ”Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote.” ~Benjamin Franklin

  • marcus salek

    so the state will now remove the state tax from all fuel purchases and replace it with this?..

  • Rascally Rabid

    So I bought a Prius and ended up using less gas and the state got less fuel taxes and now I pay taxes based on how many miles I drive on the road??????? NICE Will people who ride bicycles on these same roads pay a use tax based on miles ridden? Afterall, the extra asphalt and paint stripes to build a bicycle lane has to be paid by somebody

  • L O

    The elected leaders who supports this, and the volunteers who participate should be tarred and feathered

  • Jakob Stagg

    How is Oregon going to pay for roads when everybody leaves? I guess the other option is to get rid of the politicians.

  • SwaptionsNG

    Horse-crap. Stop giving away all the tax dollars to criminals, illegals, political cronies and “relatives” and there’s plenty of money for the roads. There is just not enough money for our “superior elites” to spend on their pet projects. Oregon-the death of Liberty becomes you.

  • ron17571

    Onion article? Next they will tax you for the air you breathe.

  • coalburner9

    When the eastern parts of the states of OR and WA split off as new states I will move there. oh yes that will shut down some of the tax thieving.

  • JoseKhanYohsi

    So they are going to use verizon. So how do vehicles that do not use onstar or owners who do not use verizon get charged or for that matter what if GPS tracking is off as many people do.