Bands Might Have To Register With The Police To Play In Philadelphia Soon

()  Philadelphia councilman Mark Squilla is taking the proper steps toward what he feels like might make the city a little safer, which is making all bands performing in the city register with the police. The proposed bill was introduced last week and will force venues to provide police with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any performers performing in the city in what will be called “Special Assembly Occupancy” licenses.

These licenses will be required for shows being held at venues that have a capacity of 50 or more people and will give law enforcement veto power over the shows, according to

“Giving performers’ information to police when requested enables them to review past performances to see if there were any public safety issues during their events,” Councilman Mark Squilla told Billy Penn via email.

Squilla vowed that “no specific music acts created this issue.”

Interesting in concept, though I don’t know that clubs and bars are too happy about this. If shows keep getting vetoed, isn’t that going to be terrible for business? Especially places that specialize in say, metal or even rap, things might get difficult.

We’ll keep you posted! This sounds like it’ll be an interesting council meeting.

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