Dead pets “recycled” into PET FOOD

4 Replies to “Dead pets “recycled” into PET FOOD

  1. “soylent green is people!”
    …charlton heston

    hey when i get hungry enough i will eat all yalls.
    all yalls.

  2. What did Cats eat in the old days, the same food you gave to your dogs, witch is the same food as we eat, what happened to this.
    Cats, are predatores, as Dogs are, you can find cheaper food on an Meat store, sufficient for days to an Cat, by their scraps and feed it to your Pets.
    It will be even cheaper than buying the so called “meat bag products” pre packaged meals, where if you go to the local butcher, and buys the meat there, support local meat production as well.
    I partly feed them so they dont bother hunting Pip pips.
    A big no no from daddy, mice ok, but not birds.

    Otherwise, if not recycled to food, yeah, nice one, huh, or to be boiled to Be Organic Glue.
    Better ???.
    And lord knows where/what else.

    I my self berries them under our trees, a place even I want to be berried on, thats recycling the old way, like why do we lay our dead in coffins, when it can be recycled as food, some did that, until the body was picked clean, or gone completely.
    And the cycle is complete, from ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


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