PayPal Grovels To Patent Office In Desperate Bid To Keep Up With Cryptocurrency

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  1. “Child Pornography – Indian Cyber Army In Talk With India today
    In the docket of contributors and consumers of child pornography despite a series of crackdown, India has emerged out to be one of the biggest. In India every 40 seconds and upto 35-38% of porn uploaded is related to children or teenagers; Kerala being on top of the list in uploading such content while Haryana leads in viewing it on mobile.

    As per 2014 report of a daily newspaper, there has been a 100% increase in cases of publication or transmission of obscene material including child pornography using electronic means in just one year i.e. in between 2012-13 many state that one of the reason for change in the temperament of people and increase in the number of minor rape victims is partially due to child pornography or easy access to such materials.

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