Seven Feet Of Snow In Northern California Puts Screeching Halt To State’s Drought

A massive snowstorm Friday in Northern California could bring the state’s lengthy drought to end while leaving two feet of snow in the mountains near Los Angeles.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains has seen two feet of snow and winds gusting over 100 miles per hour. More than 22,000 Montecito residents evacuated their homes as rain continued to pound the area — California’s weather comes as a nor’easter clobbers parts of the East Coast.

“The worst of the storm has passed, and we are cautiously optimistic that due to a significant amount of pre-storm preparation we have come through this with minimal impact,” Rob Lewin, director of the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a so-called bomb-cyclone condition is shaping up on the East Coast that could be even more intense than one from earlier this year. Predictions are it could cause record flooding and intense damage and be the most intense nor’easter in 20 years, according to the National Weather Service.

“Many have asked how this event will compare to January 4,” the NWS in Boston said in a statement. “Our thinking is there will likely be more structural damage in this event given the larger waves and occurring over multiple tide cycles. Many neighborhoods will likely become isolated, some for extended periods of time.”

Experts are predicting moderate to major flooding for three tide cycles in Boston. A 3-foot storm surge is coming into the city on top of approximately 11-foot tides, flooding could set records in the city and be worse than the Jan. 4 storm.

January’s snowfall covered approximately 49 percent of the northern section of the country leading up to Christmas Day of 2017. It made a “White Christmas” for almost half of the country, not including Alaska and Hawaii.

Pennsylvania county was clobbered with 60 inches of snow in two days following Christmas. The storm shattered records and required the national guard to help keep the roads clear and residents safe.

Northern Erie County, Penn., accumulated over 60 inches of snow by late Tuesday afternoon, according to Cleveland’s National Weather Service (NWS), reports. Thirty-four inches of snow descended on Christmas Day, marking a single-day record snowfall in Erie.

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One Reply to “Seven Feet Of Snow In Northern California Puts Screeching Halt To State’s Drought”

  1. You know, what I mean when we say sycles do you, really.

    This is called sun cycles, Marauder (i never remember it correctly) max/min cycles, of approx 60 years from an middle stand point, to then fluctuate, oscillate if you want it, in an coming 30 year down side of the middle line, witch means an decade ot two with declining temps, to an steady rise, but this downward cycle never the less will last for at least 30+ years, so prepare to have more of it for some time to come, yup, leftis, white snow is here to come and stay.

    I saw images from Amsterdam, hehe, I told my family this, two years ago, just wait and see, and presto, in the city center, on skates, and I like that to, have what we call, Long shanks, not Ice hokey skates, you can go fast, really fast, hehe, and in the Netherlands, it blows all the time.
    Nice combination.

    Farmers, well, somehow had good years where they have experienced and expanding summer temp, and thru an Marauder Max, managed to grow to seasons, of whatever they had/have, this days are over, I guess you stil can do good, but the summers will be shorter, and winter comes earlier, like in the old days.
    Dont mean bad summers,, just shorter.
    But the benefits, will come in the central earth zones, where deserts have expanded slowly thru the years, because of drought, etc to irrigation, will I think because of increasing winter incl snow, will accumulate, even in Sahara, sub Sahara will I guess prosper, water levels rise, rivers awake again.
    Have that in the back of your head in the immediate future, next 5 years or so, but the season that is dont have to be bad, do you get it, just less.

    I personally, I am fed up, freezing, ugh.
    My bones and joints sounds like an Maracas orchestra when I rise up from the crutch.
    But One thing you must now, if you really want to experience something else, go to the arctics in mid winter, specially the above the arctic circle, I can promise you its never dark, like in the equatorial lands, pich black, no, its 50 shades of blue, but never black.
    I have driven snow bikes as fast in the night as in broad daylight, and if the sky is clean of clouds, and have the Norther lights on, cold as hell, usually, but the entire trip becomes an, hehe, a trip.
    Highly recommended, even sober.
    By the way, I do that on skis to.


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