SHOCKING CALL FOR HELP: A Family Is Being Persecuted For Exposing High Ranking Pedophiles

2 Replies to “SHOCKING CALL FOR HELP: A Family Is Being Persecuted For Exposing High Ranking Pedophiles

  1. If the family and the public had weapons, it would not have happened. 250 cops for one girl. I though that the US of A was this bad.

  2. TRUE STORY: At the age of 30 D.Kedys (yes, the same person you consider as hero!!!) lived with and f.cked L.Stankunate at her age of 13-15 !!! This is the FACT.
    She got pregnant. Pedophile Kedys forced her to make abortation. THE FACT !
    After a while, at the age of 16, a teenager was pregnant again and decided to give a birth. Teenager become one of youngest mothers in Lithuania (Mother of this girl Deimante Kedyte). THE FACT !!
    Since Stankunaite ( Mother of Deimante) was from a poor family nobody protected her and D.KEdys and his sister Neringa Venckiene start oppress and slander her . Neringa Venckiene kidnaped their daughter and starts brainwash of her pedophile brother Kedys by telling him fake stories about this poor young mother and “pedophilia” in her home, so Kedys starts killing guiltless people because of Venckiene’s wish . But team of criminals such Venckiene still screaming that she is fighter for freedom and against pedophiles? Her brother was pedophile and killer.
    Aftter Venckiene kidnaped Stankunaites & Kedys’s daughter, the court proved innocence of people Venckiene accused. So, the court obliged her to return daughter to her mother. BUT:
    Venckiene thought that she can show middle finger to the law because of her immunity, so she closed herself with Stankunaites daughter in her home and failed to enforce a court judgment, although she was a judge herself! Thats why government took a child from her.

    Tell me, if you had daughter 13-16 and someone in his age of 30’s was fucking her, makes her 2 children, kills one of them by sponsoring abortation, ask yourself, what would you do to such pedophile? and YES! THIS IS THE TRUE STORY THAT LITHUANIAN TROLLS WON’T TELL YOU . Venckiene’s supporters are spreading this fake report all arround the world , make hundreeds of fake facebook, google , youtube accounts, fake comments, this way you all see completely different story, and you read fake comments !!

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